• Ron Lee

Residential Design Trends & Fads

There has been a lot of talk about trends and keeping current with design ideas. Knowing the difference between a trend and a fad can help you guide the design of your new home. The two terms, trend and fad are often used as synonyms, though their meanings are not the same at all.

A trend is something with staying power while a fad will quickly fade. It can be confusing because they both look the same in the beginning. A good way to determine the difference is understanding that a trend gives direction while a fad is simply a craze.

If you will look to design styles of the past and then compare them to the styles of 10 years ago, you will see the elements that stick and the ones that fade away. Now compare the styles of 10 years ago with the ones of today, and you'll see the difference between trends and fads.

Here are some trends that have staying power.

Inside and outside are brought together

Inside and outside are brought together, blurring the distinction between the two. Indoor / outdoor living space can include anything from living rooms to kitchens. Any place you spend time can be enhanced by bringing the outdoors in.

Kitchens are the heart of the home